10 Top Tips for Workforce Monitoring Reports

1.    Talk money: show reductions in sickness and attrition rates in £££££ as well

2.    Monitor actual total staff costs by staff group including overtime, agency etc.

3.    Use traffic lights to focus management attention, particularly when there are plenty of different measures used.  Issues highlighted in red deserve immediate attention, those with an amber light need resolving less urgently, whist green lights can be ignored.

4.    Suggest options for management action for each red or amber traffic light.

5.    Have a five line summary at the front of any report that says what action should be taken

6.    Produce special reports on workforce topics of concern to key stakeholders; not just the same stuff in every report

7.    Develop productivity measures by engaging line managers

8.    Set up a benchmarking club with similar trusts and regularly share information on staff groups, board workforce reports, etc.

9.    Get feedback from your target audience

10. Seek to integrate the presentation of information with other functions, such as finance and performance/production, with the ultimate aim of producing a comprehensive manager’s dashboard, which would include workforce measures. 

George Blair

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