HR Society Awards

Celebrating excellence in Workforce Planning & Strategy

The HR Society Award celebrates the very best in the world of work, people and planning for the future.

We have been championing workforce strategy and planning for over 30 years. Our new prestigious Award recognises, celebrates and showcases best practice. 

This is a chance for you and your team to shine.

Who can enter?

There are two categories: 
HR Society Members
Non- HR Society Members 


Peter Reilly, Director HR Research & Consultancy, Institute for Employment Studies

Linda Holbeche, Leading HR thinker and former Research and Policy Director, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

George Blair, Managing Consultant, Shared Solutions Consulting Ltd

The Details

Workforce Strategy and Planning is a broad field, so to help you the following topics will give you a better feel for what we are looking for. However, if your projects fall outside this scope do not be deterred from submitting it. Email us or call George Blair on 07768 193859. 

Workforce Supply

Do you have plans to address a skills shortage, such as building a better career structure so that you can grow your own talent? Or have you developed links with education providers to train staff on an on-going basis?

EXAMPLE: Have you designed an apprenticeship scheme around your company/organisation needs? Let us know!

Plans which quantify the number of staff to be trained each year?

EXAMPLE: Do you have a number of engineers at all levels, on apprenticeships, degree and postgraduate courses? 

Use of models based on workforce flows?

EXAMPLE: Perhaps you have been involved in cooperation between organisations to balance workforce needs in similar sectors (such as local services) to help avoid redundancies? Share your stories with us.

In today’s difficult job market, did your organisation avoid or have reduced redundancy costs due to your forward planning? We’d like to hear about your case study. 


Have you redesigned some of your workforce processes and improved productivity? Are there other sustainable productivity improvements that you have introduced that has helped your organisation succeed? 

Workforce Demand Planning

How do you develop your Workforce Plan to ensure you have the right number of staff for the future? We’re looking for examples of excellence based on a systematic approach combining new technology, new roles and changing skills mix. 

An Integrated Approach

Does your organisation have examples of systems where HR requirements are directly and systematically taken from your organisation’s business plan? Do Workforce Planning and Finance work together as an integrated process?

We'd love to hear from you.

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