Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being: Enthusing People, Teams and Nations

Professor Andrew Mayo

This book aims to help leaders maximise the engagement of employees and citizens by exploring the impact of a process of active enthusiasm (PACE). Engagement of employees has long been recognised as a key factor for organisational and national success.... follow link to book store

Human Resources or Human Capital?: Managing People as Assets

Professor Andrew Mayo

Are people really an organisation's most important asset? Not necessarily; some may be liabilities - but others are the most important drivers of value that an organisation has. But...who are they?follow link to book store

The Power of Learning: A Guide to Gaining Competitive Advantage

Professor Andrew Mayo

Today, corporate survival depends crucially on adaptability, driven by employees willing and able to continuously update their knowledge and skills. This book provides the vision and practical guidance to help all managers and directors to tap into the power of learning..follow link to book store

Human Value of the Enterprise: Valuing People As Assets - Monitoring, Measuring, Managing

Professor Andrew Mayo

"People are our greatest assets" - but can you prove it? This work sets out to help you answer that question. We have already moved into a completely new era..follow link to book store

Managing Careers (Developing strategies)

Professor Andrew Mayo

...follow link to book store

The Economist: Organisation Culture: Getting it right

Naomi Stanford

Visit Amazon for books by Naomi Stanford...follow link to book store

How To Get Best Value From HR: The Shared Services Option

Peter Reilly and Tony Williams

Visit Amazon for books by Peter A. Reilly...follow link to book store

Soft Systems Thinking, Methodology and the Management of Change

B Wilson and K van Haperen

What is Soft Systems Methodology? How can it help make sense of complex business scenarios, providing solutions to challenging problems? Soft Systems Thinking, Methodology and the Management of Change identifies the challenges encountered by practitioners of SSM and provides the means of overcoming them. 

Follow link to book store

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