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Dr Naomi Stanford
Dr Naomi Stanford

Dr Naomi Stanford

Dr Stanford is an expert organisation design, innovation, and culture consultant with clients in commercial, government, and non-profit sectors in, the US and Europe.  She helps develop adaptive, open, and successfully innovative organisations through alignment of the formal and informal, hard and soft aspects of the enterprise.

Examples of her work include facilitating strategic planning, innovation, and organisation design off-sites for executives wanting to revitalize and refocus their businesses; managing the organisation design changes associated with large scale IT systems integrations and implementations; and designing in-house methodologies and toolkits for the consistent delivery of projects.

She has a PhD and two Master's degrees. She is also a Certified Management Consultant and Fellow of the RSA.

Dr Stanford is the author of: ‘Organization Design, The Collaborative Approach’, ‘The Economist Guide to Organization Design’, and The Organisation Culture: Getting it Right (Economist publication).  She has written many articles on aspects of organisation design and development and is a frequent speaker on the topics. 

Dr Stanford leads our Organisational Design in Challenging Times seminar.

Contact Naomi: LinkedIn, Amazon

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