You will find useful a range of useful resources on Workforce planning and strategy.

Complete Guide to Workforce Planning

Professor Andrew Mayo & George Blair

A popular definition of WFP is “getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time.” Follow this link to the complete stages 

Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning – a vital business activity
Professor Andrew Mayo

The purpose of this paper is to make the case for strategic workforce planning and to outline the key steps involved. Download the full article here.  

First published in SHR 

Finance and Management in HR

Finance and Management in Human Resources
Professor Andrew Mayo

In recent years it has been popular for many HR professional to rename themselves as ‘business partners’. This short paper looks at what it means to be a business partner in HR today.  Download the full article here.  

Employee Engagement

Developing a ‘Business-Driven’ People Strategy
Professor Andrew Mayo

What is the best form of people management for your business? In this article first appearing in Management Extra, Professor Andrew Mayo suggests that the best form of people management is one that embeds staff policies within the overall business strategy.  Download the full article here.  

People Strategies

Finding the Right Balance
Professor Andrew Mayo

This paper by Professor Andrew Mayo first appeared in Management Extra, a monthly review of current thinking in key areas of strategy and HR. Professor Mayo offers advice on managing employee engagement and performance in your organisation of company. Download the full article here.   

Talent Management in Troubled Times 
Professor Andrew Mayo

When things are not going so well, it is easy to lose focus on long-term priorities. In this paper Professor Andrew Mayo explains how businesses can ensure a successful future by looking after those people who drive value in the company. Download the full article here. 

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