Workforce Network

The purpose of the workforce network is to support people who are engaged in workforce information and planning at a practical level.  They are often in technical roles, probably third in line from director level and typically have no one to turn to for technical advice.  This is the sort of person who attends the Workforce Planning Master Class.  However, we do not have anything else in workforce planning to offer them afterwards.  Running the network would support the Society’s remit of spreading good practice.

Why join the network?

•    Does your role involve workforce information, analytics or planning?
•    Do you not have an expert to turn to for advice in your organisation?
•    Do you wonder whether your information to the board and senior managers can be improved upon?
•    Do you wonder whether you have something to learn from other organisations?

If you have answered yes to at least some of the above, than the workforce network is for you.

What do I get?

•    Learn from good practice of your counterparts in a wide range of different organisations and sectors.
•    Share with your colleagues your own achievements.
•    Advice on workforce related topics by email or on the phone from an expert.
•    Get an expert to review one document a year, such as a workforce information report or workforce plan.

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing.  No, you did not misread this.  The HR Society is providing this free service, as its core purpose is to spread workforce planning expertise.

Next steps

Email us to complete a questionnaire.  We will supply you in due course with a register of members, what they are willing to share and areas where they want to develop.  

Note: the information will be placed on a register and will be circulated only to other members of the network who have supplied this information, too.

Our First Meeting:

Our first meeting on the 10th September for this group was very productive. It was hosted by Transport for London. Some of the highlights were:
Web based workforce planning tools for managers. Janet Leach, Organisational Development Officer, Oxfordshire County Council, designed it and won funding for their Skills Council. She was very grateful to the HR Society's two day Workforce Planning Master Class for some of the content.  Janet was asked to submit for the HR Society 2016 Award.
Identifying attrition problems use easy to follow diagrams. Steve Dumbrell East Sussex Council. This consisted of two box flow diagrams showing joiners and leavers by grade for two successive years.
Identifying hard to recruit staff groups. Mark Greaney Workforce Planning Manager, Transport for London, gave a very interesting presentation on the data analysis they have undertaken.  This included the use of lean approaches such as analysing work processes.
The next Network Meeting will be early 2017, daye to be confirmed.

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